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My goal is to help people live a healthy, balanced, and stress free life as well as transform insecurity into confidence; physically and mentally. I am truly grateful to work on such a personal level with each of my clients and I am humbled to hear their feedback. I give them the tools.... but THEY are the ones who deserve all the credit!

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Carly G.

Thank you thank you thank you for a change I never knew I could make and one I will forever be thankful for. Food and body image is something I thought would always be a negative part of my life and because of you, I actually love who I see in the mirror. Forever grateful 

Taylor R.

I now eat 3 meals a day, with the proper amounts of whole grains, veggies/fruits, and protein. I really learned a lot and seriously can't thank Kayla enough. I would tell everyone to sign up!

Kaelyn D.

I feel genuinely happier and eat balanced. I also have a significant increase in energy. I eat what I desire and have tools in place to support me. This program changed my life.

Lauryn S.

Overall, I felt more confident in myself, stopped the diets and stopped eating out as much. She gave me peace of mind that made me realize that intuitive eating is good for you and she always pushed me to better myself and stick to my goals.

Madi C.

She has literally changed my life. I wouldn't be as confident or as happy as I am right now without her coaching. She has taught me what healthy truly means, how to eat without feeling bad about it, how to love myself, and so much more. I am so thankful.

Kiley B.

My confidence in the gym has sky rocketed and I feel absolutely amazing. Coaching with Kayla has been so beneficial to my health and my confidence and I am so grateful to have such a smart and talented woman helping me conquer my goals.

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