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About Me

Hi! I'm Kayla Blum, and I'm the founder of Balanced By Blum.

When I started on my healthy journey I did all the things you are “supposed” to do. I downloaded MyFitnessPal, started tracking my calories, limited my carbs, started working out every day, and fad dieted like all the fitness influencers told me to do. This led me down a long path with an unhealthy relationship with food (and exercise) where I struggled for years. I thought about food constantly, couldn't eat out with friends without panic of all the "bad" foods I was eating, and was hyper-focused on the way my body looked.   

On the outside I was in great shape, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can look amazing but have the most crippling internal struggle. Unless you learn how to TRULY take care of your health, fix your relationship with food, and focus on sustainable healthy habits; you will be MISERABLE.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about developing a positive relationship with food, how to eat for HEALTH, the truth about weight loss, and how to take care of my body emotionally and physically. I dove head first into healing from the inside out because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 

I got my bachelors degree in Exercise and Wellness (ASU 2017) to become a Exercise and Wellness Specialist, got certified through NASM to become a personal trainer, went to therapy to heal my eating disorder, and have now helped hundreds of clients learn to eat well, exercise consistently, and live healthier lifestyles.

In my search to overcome my disordered eating habits, I was able to unlearn all the BS the fitness and diet industry pushes, quit bingeing and dieting completely, and manage my depression all while learning to appreciate and take care of my mental health AND my body. 

So, I put together a health coaching program to teach my signature methodology that has helped me and countless others develop healthy, sustainable, LIFELONG habits. 


This is how "Balanced By Blum" was born!

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