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6 Tips To Get You To The Gym

The biggest problem I see as a trainer is people wanting results but not knowing how to get started. So here is my first step: get yourself moving. You do not need to spend $1000 a month on a trainer to get results. You do not need to go vegan, keto, or crash diet to lose weight. Simply put, get moving. The best way for me to keep myself moving is to get myself to the gym. Why? Because when I am at the gym, even if it feels like a crappy workout, at least I went! What if you just can't seem to get yourself there? Well, here are six tips to keep yourself motivated and get your booty to the gym!

1. Get a workout buddy

New gyms are scary! Heading into a gym can be quite scary for most people. Hey. even me, a fitness professional. The best way to keep yourself accountable is to go to the gym with a partner.

Austin and I love to go to the gym together. It keeps us both accountable and keeps us both motivated to out work each other. I have way more fun when I am with him than by myself and I feel more like a loser when I tell him I am skipping than when I tell myself haha! Use your partner as a tool and show up for each other when your motivation is lacking.


Man oh man, planning is crucial. I don't mean say you're going to the gym tomorrow. I mean look at your week, pick the days you're going to go, WITH TIMES, and do not skip.

This will make it so much easier to look at your days and know on Tuesday at 3pm you're going to the gym for 1 hour of cardio, Wednesday at 530pm you're going to yoga, and Saturday at 7am you're going to your best friends bootcamp, as opposed to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday you're going to the gym. Why? Because those days will come around, "more important" stuff will come up, and all of a sudden it is 9pm and you missed another day at the gym!

Plan. Plan. Plan.

3. Pack your bags

Whether you workout in the morning or after work, pack your bags so they are ready to go.

Workout before work?

Lay out your clothes for the gym and pack your gym bag with your shower essentials and work attire so you can head straight to work after your workout.

Workout after work?

Pack your gym bag with your gym clothes and an after work snack so you aren't hungry when you're working out.

4. Hire a professional

Just like going with a friend, sometimes having a booked time with someone or something you're paying good money for (like online training) will motivate you to show up. For my online clients, of course they do not have my showing up waiting for them, but they do have me messaging them if they skip workouts or if I notice they aren't completing the full workout. Having someone do the thinking for you might be just what you need!

5. Set goals

Goals are very important to keep you motivated. Figure out what is important to you and break it down into smaller bites. Sometimes your goals may seem too large and that will scare you instead of motivate you.

Want to lose 20 pounds? Set 4 small goals of 5 pounds and celebrate when you accomplish it! 5 pounds sounds way easier than 20, so set some smaller goals and be proud of yourself when you accomplish them!

6. Do what you like

Most people don't like to go the gym because they don't like to workout. This might be because you aren't doing what you enjoy. Find what you like and do that! You do not have to follow something just because your best friend is. Follow a workout routine that you enjoy. Try the small group classes, cardio methods, and weightlifting. Make a rounded routine of things you like to do and sooner or later you will start to show up more!

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