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A Morning Routine Will Change Your Life

Do you feel yourself hitting the snooze button, dragging out of bed, and feeling sluggish all day? Do you feel yourself eating crappy foods, skipping on the water, and downing sugary iced coffee when you oversleep? Do you constantly think about how you need to take better care of yourself, eat better, workout more, have more energy for your family, etc. but never doing it?

Start with a solid morning routine.

Start getting your butt out of bed and dear god stop hitting the snooze button.

I know... "I already wake up tired why would I wake up even earlier that doesn't make sense". HOWEVER. In the beginning, you will be tired, it will suck, and you will want to skip. Don't. Work on going to sleep and waking up around the same time every day and your body clock will adjust. This means that you will end up not being so tired!

If you wake up at 8, start with 7:30. After 2 weeks try 7, then 6:30, then 6, then 5:30. Guess what that means? You have time for a kickass morning routine, a workout, a healthy breakfast, and time to get ready for your day! Same goes for night time. If its normally 12 try 11:30, then 11, 10, 9 (8:30 if you're me haha)!

Now, that is what I recommend because this "I don't have time" to exercise, eat healthy, or take care of your mental health is a bullshit answer and I don't believe it! I have been in your shoes and I worked on it and now wake up at 3:45 in the morning. Let me say that to you again... THAT IS THREE FORTY FIVE IN THE MORNING. I am up out of bed, not hitting snooze, planning my day, saying my affirmations, and making me believe in myself again.

If you don't want to do this fine.... but you should. So if you choose to ignore me here is another fact: The first 20 minutes of your day are the most crucial. When you first wake up the waves in your brain are at the most active state. This means that whatever you do, say, and think about in the first waking moments will determine how your day goes. Thats 5am or 10am!

Before I dive into what I do for my morning routine I have one rule.

No snooze button. When you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 60 minutes... you wake up even more tired so just stop. No one just pops up when the alarm clock goes off. Do yourself a favor and disable it, put your phone across the room, have a family member come in and slap you in the face every morning, I don't care just stop it!

My morning routine is something that I played with for a while. Tested what I enjoyed doing and stopped what I didn't. Here is my morning routine and I'll explain some favorites and why you should add them.

1. Wake up 3:45-4:00am depending on what I have to do to get ready that day.

2. Get my coffee (preset on a timer the night before! Do this, game changer!)

3. Go into my office and pull out my journal

4. Read my bible then journal about what spoke to me and write out a prayer

5. Write the first 5-10 affirmations that come into my head and read them out loud 10x

6. Write out my goals and dreams for my life

7. Journal about whatever else is on my mind

8/9/10. Depending on the day I will either stretch, go to the gym, or get ready!

So, which ones are important and why do I do it? They are all important but I chose the top three you should focus on for your morning routine and here is why:

Bible- Because God loves you. God is in control of your life and has you in a certain place on purpose. Thank Him for what you have and for another day on this Earth

Affirmations- Strive to be the person you want to be. Strive to believe in yourself. Get rid of the negative self talk and start being nice to yourself. Change your thinking. Here are some examples:

I am healthy

I am bold

I am intelligent

I am beautiful

I am able

I am thankful

Goals and Dreams- What do you want out of your life? Do you think about it? You should. My dad always asked me what my goals were, what my goal was out of certain situations, and what I wanted my life to look like. I used to think it was the most annoying thing ever. "My goal for this homework is to get it done so I can go hangout with my friends and for you to leave me alone", oh what having a teenage girl must be like. But he instilled this thinking in my head and now everything I do has a purpose, so thanks dad! Will this get me to my dreams or not? Does this benefit me or not? This is how I stay focused on what I want in the long run while not getting distracted by the little things in the short term. I remind myself every day what I want out of this life. Live your life with purpose.

I used to be like you. I went to bed at 12am and woke up with enough time to get to work or class on time. I wasn't living my life with intent. Since I decided to completely switch careers and start a business, sophomore year of college, my whole life changed. It was a learning process and still is. I worked on myself, what I wanted, and most importantly changed the way I spoke to myself (hello affirmations). You can live a positive, happy, and abundant life. You just have to choose to.

So, start with your morning routine and the rest will flow. I promise.

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