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Bluming Into The New Me

Hello! Welcome to my new blog. Yikes, I can't believe I can even say that haha. First things first, if you are here you probably follow me on Instagram or Facebook and know that this is all new to me! Therefore, be gentle with me but if you have any recommendations to help me grow and improve I would love to hear it!

Secondly, lets get in to who I am and my "why"!

My name is Kayla Shafer and I am 23 years old. I currently live in Mesa, AZ but grew up in Gilbert, AZ (which is my fav city, have you ever been to Downtown Gilbert? Its poppin). I went to Arizona State University and received my degree to become a Fitness & Wellness Specialist.

You probably think I live in the gym and love to eat salads. Before I get into more about me, I should let you know that my road with working out, eating well, and turning my passion into my career, has NOT been easy. I have struggled immensely (while in therapy for 2 years mind you) with my relationship with food, relationship with my body image, and my efforts in the gym. I have been in dark spaces for long periods of time with food and exercise. I will go into greater detail on later posts diving deeper into these topics but it is very important to know that my past is a HUGE part of who I am today.

Anyway, moving on, I am engaged to the absolute love of my freaking life, Austin Blum. We are getting married February 2019 and I could not be more excited. Austin and I have been together since senior year of high school and also dated while we were little baby 14 year olds. Him and I have been through the toughest times and the most amazing times together; can't wait to annoy him for the rest of his life! ;)

I recently was diagnosed with PCOS and it is changing the course of my life. PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and there is a lot more to say about this so stay tuned for a future post.

I own my own business: Bluming Fitness LLC. I do in person training, online training, nutrition coaching, a nutrition newsletter subscription for balanced meal prep recipes/groceries, and I am in the process of creating workout Ebooks to sell for people who cannot invest into training!

I can say with 100% honesty that I LOVE MY JOB. I do not wake up every day dreading work, I wake up every day excited to see what else I can do to better my clients lives and all of you reading this. I want to reach as many people as I can to break the hold society has on health and wellness. I want to teach the truths about the way our bodies work, how nutrition fuels us, how diets dont work, how food is our friend, how much fun exercising can be, how exercise is a blessing not a chore, how important mental health is, and so much more. My goal is to reach people to help them find their healthy balance and help them achieve confidence with their bodies and minds. I want to make an impact and this is my "why" behind what I do.

Some other little things worth mentioning:

  • I have a bunny named Turk, Turkey, Meatball, Loaf, Shithead, whatever you want to call him and he is hilarious, adorable, and sometimes a complete asshole

  • I have 2 brothers who I love with my whole heart. Kamrin- sophomore at ASU who is the smartest kid ever and Colton- freshman at CMU kicking ass playing soccer who is one of the kindest guys I've ever met

  • My life is shaped by the values my amazing parents have taught me, they contribute to my success more than they know

  • My Grammie and mom are my best friends

  • I hate when my food touches.. like I literally hate it dont ever serve me food like this

  • I LOVE cider and wine

  • I love to hike but am embarrassingly scared of heights

  • Oceans and mountains are my favorite places to visit

That's enough about me haha. I would love to hear more about you!! Please subscribe and comment; tell me a little bit about yourself or if you and I have anything in common!

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