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Honeymoonin' In Curacao

After our AMAZING wedding on February 16, 2019 (separate post to come after I get my professional pictures back) we went on our honeymoon!!

We first spent 3 days in Sedona, AZ to kick off the honeymoon because our flight did not leave until the Friday following the wedding. We had an amazing time in a beautiful cottage at Junipine Resort. I highly recommend staying here. Our cottage was right on the creek, had a hot tub right outside the master suite on the patio, and dual fireplaces to have a cozy fire each night.

We spent our 3 days driving through the snow-filled mountains, going to different wineries, and snuggling up by the fire.

Our favorite wine tasting room was The Art of Wine in Uptown Sedona. Here they had different wine tastings depending on your favorites; sweet, dry, red, and white. They had some amazing wines from all over AZ and the workers were extremely knowledgeable.

After 3 days, we got snowed out due to a huge storm coming through so we had to leave early and pack for our trip to Curacao!

We left on Friday afternoon, and as if having to leave early due to the snow in Sedona wasn't bad enough, we almost didn't even make it to Curacao! We flew to Denver and got stuck there an extra 3 hours. To our connecting flight in Panama, we had TEN minutes and honestly barely made it. However, once we made it to our seats in Panama and on our way to Curacao, the trip couldn't have gone better.

When we first arrived the workers were awesome, congratulating us on our marriage and honeymoon, and serving us mimosas. The all-inclusive resort was beautiful. We had a view of the pool (one of many haha) and a view of the ocean.

When we woke up on the first day we were informed we got free room service, so each morning Austin and I spent our time eating, listening to the ocean waves, and sipping our coffee. It was the best way to start every day.

On our first day, we spent our time at the resort exploring and drinking all the yummy drinks. We explored part of the island and soaked it all in that WE ARE MARRIED!!

On the second day we went to the Aquarium. We got to see a dolphin show, see all different kinds of fish, and MOST IMPORTANTLY I snorkeled for the first time AND got to feed a variety of (big and scary) fish, stingrays, nurse sharks, and lemon sharks!

It was so amazing to be able to snorkel for the first time ever and be able to do so many awesome things. The stingray kept sitting on my lap like a puppy and was so soft, the lemon sharks were extremely scary at first but incredible to feed, and the nurse sharks were insane. When nurse sharks eat they suck the food off the ocean floor. So, when we fed them and they inhaled to get the fish, it sounded like a gunshot underwater!! It was incredible.

On our third day we went on a boat ride snorkeling trip to an abandoned sunken ship. As I said before I had never snorkeled before this trip so being able to see this ship was awesome. I saw beautiful, colorful, and stunning fish as well as squids!

On our fourth day we headed into town to see the colorful, emphasis on colorful, city.

Fun story: before the town was painted all different colors there was a governor who played a pretty mean game with everyone. He "hated all the white buildings" and passed a law that every business and house had to be painted a different color than that next to it. Therefore, the whole island painted their houses and businesses. There was only one paint company on the island so that paint shop got rich. It came out a few years later that the governor OWNED THAT PAINT SHOP!!! How horrible is that?!

Anyway, we saw some breathtaking buildings, a yummy farmers market, and spent time exploring the city!

On the fifth day, we went on a beach hopping tour. This was probably one of the most fun days that we had. The tour guide, called Papi, and the bus driver, called Sexy, were the most hilarious people I have ever met. They made the trip SO much fun and totally worth our time.

We got to go to 3 beaches, swim with sea turtles, go cliff jumping, see an underwater cave, see wild flamingos, and meet incredibly nice people. However, during our last beach stop, the bus broke down! Oh no, broke down at the beach, what would we ever do haha?!

During this little hiccup the tour guides and other people on the tour found out that it was Austin and I's honeymoon, and they. flipped. out. They brought us shots of a local drink (made with tree bark, rum, and red wine), they made Austin dance for money, and unloaded a thousand questions and happy wishes to us. It was a great time!!

On our last few days on the island Austin and I spent our time enjoying the food, drinks, and time at the beach. We partied with strangers, partook in the evening entertainment (where I won the dancing contest and Austin got top 3 hehe), and laid together by the water. We had such an incredible time and we couldn't ask for a better honeymoon.

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