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Plan to Prepare or Prepare to Fail

The simple quote "plan to prepare or prepare to fail" is something I live by. This can be applied to any aspect of my life. The biggest way this quote helps keep me on track is with my health and business. Here are some key go-to's to help you plan out a productive and healthy week.

Planning your workouts

Have you told yourself you're going to workout this week and then all of a sudden Monday turns into Saturday and you haven't even stepped foot in the gym? Life gets busy. It isn't enough for you to say you're going to go tomorrow. The best way to plan your workouts is to:

  1. Pick the day

  2. Pick the time (This is key. Don't reschedule)

  3. Pick the workout

  4. KNOW what you're doing before you go into the gym

Planning your meals

I'm sure you've seen on social media the freaks who cook 6 meals at once and store them in separate Tupperware containers. Hi, I am sort of one of these freaks! You have to find what works for you. For some people it works just simply writing out M-Su and picking lunches and dinners and cooking each day. For others, like me, I do not have time. I do not have time after work to prep, cook, and eat dinner. So here is what I do for a household of two:

  1. Pick 4 meals for the week that are high protein, have a vegetable, and a complex carb (brown rice, whole grain pasta, potatoes is what I normally choose)

  2. Grocery shop Sunday.. choose enough ingredients for 4+ servings of each meal

  3. Monday afternoon when I have the most time I cook ALL the meals

  4. I store them all in big meal size Tupperware, I do not individually divide it

These are my lunches and dinners for the week. Whatever I feel like is what I grab. This makes me sure to eat healthy throughout the week while also being free to choose what I want. HOWEVER!! If I do not feel like one of the meals I will cook up something else. I do not deprive myself.

Planning water intake

How much water do you drink? Do you even know? Probably not. Water is crucial for optimal cellular health and organ function. There is a reason we are mostly made of water guys! Plan to drink 1/2 your body weight in water a day and that's a good start. The way I plan is I have 2 cute reusable water bottles that are 20oz each. I purposely drink 4 of them a day minimum, not including water in my coffee, drinks, or water I drink while working out.

Plan some self care

Most people really neglect how important it is to de-stress. Do you feel like your days flash by? Do you feel like you do so much but get nothing done? How do you describe your days; automatically say "okay, fine, good" without a thought? Do you actually answer honestly when people ask you how you are or how your day is? Probably not. Check in with yourself. You only have one life to live. Those answers should be an enthusiastic "Good! My day is good! I am happy!". If it's not, try making some changes. Plan some time with yourself, at least 2 days a week to relax and reflect on how you are feeling. This looks different for a lot of people. Choose what calms you, brings you into the present moment, and helps you sloooowww down. Here are some examples:

  1. Journal

  2. Meditate

  3. Yoga/Stretch

  4. Take a bubble bath

  5. Go for a walk

  6. Play with your dog

  7. Craft

  8. Do a hobby you enjoy

  9. Watch a funny movie

Are the things I addressed a struggle for you? I am in the process of finishing my 9 Week Workout and Self Care eBook. The purpose of this guide is to get people to move often, eat well, sleep well, and have good self care. It will be releasing mid December, so stay tuned and get it while it's on sale! I promise it will help you in areas you are struggling.

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