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What To Do When You've "Fallen Off The Wagon"

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

These past 3 weeks or so I really feel like I have fallen off the wagon. I have put all of my energy into work. I have spent all of my time working at the gym, working on programs at home, working on content for social media (which is way harder than it looks by the way), and spending 4-5 hours a day on my eBook.

I always preach about finding balance between work, school, family, friends, healthy eating, exercise, etc. This is exactly what my eBook is about, yet while writing it I basically threw in the towel! I didn't meal prep for three weeks, struggled immensely to get a workout in, stopped drinking water, and lost all my energy because of it. I wanted to write this post because even though I am a fitness and wellness professional, sometimes life happens. It took me a few weeks to pick myself back up, and it might take you a few months, but the most important thing is that you keep moving forward and fix the bad habits that you've picked up. So, what do you do when you've "fallen off the wagon"?

1. Forgive yourself. It is so important to know that just because you've eaten poorly, skipped the gym, or completely abandoned your health routine, doesn't mean you can't start over. Forgive yourself and know that you deserve to feel better, eat better, and move better.

2. Don't go overboard with changes. Don't throw yourself into a new diet or into a hard workout routine. You WILL burn out fast and quit. Instead, start small. Pick a few days a week to get to the gym or to go for a walk. Exercise is exercise, so start with what sounds fun to you and do that 3-4x a week. Work back up to your normal routine. If you've never had a normal workout routine, it is time to start! With food, pick 3 meals to cook this week that are nutritious, veggie packed, and high in protein. Cook these meals and gradually start to add in more healthy meals/snacks as the weeks progress.

3. Drink lots of water. Water is so simple yet everyone forgets how important it is. Have headaches, fatigue, no energy, cramps, hungry all the time? Drink up! This is the bottom of the health pyramid and is the foundation to your health.

4. Be consistent. We all let life get the best of us sometimes. To prevent this from happening again, just stay consistent. Always try to get exercise in, drink water, and choose healthy foods. Some weeks might be better than others but don't give up! Consistency is key not perfection.

We all fall off the grid sometimes. For me, it happens when I am stressed and busy. Therefore, for this week to pick myself back up here is what I did:

Picked 3 meals that were easy, fast, and nutritious and made enough for the week. Made a goal of drinking 64oz a day of water. Picked 4 days to go to the gym and follow 4 workouts in my eBook. Most importantly, forgave myself for being human.

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