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Yummy Yummy Brekkie!

Let me tell ya, I suck at eating breakfast! I wake up very early and struggle to get a good meal in. This toast and coffee combo is fast and DELICIOUS. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I had this toast every day for over a week after I discovered it.

So, before I tell you this combo, I must let you know that I don't really like cheese. I like cheese on pizza and mac and cheese (very picky with mac and cheese though). This toast is like breakfast bruschetta. Definitely was hesitant to try it but ended up devouring the toast in .2 seconds.

Now for the coffee, I drink collagen powder in my coffee every morning. The brand I use is completely tasteless and dissolves perfect. Collagen is great for joints, bones, hair, skin, nails, etc. It also has 20g of pure protein! I use the brand Vital Proteins, highly recommend getting this and using it daily. Easy way to get protein and health benefits!

Alright, toast time!


  • Ricotta Cheese

  • Apple Jam (I used strawberry because it is what I had and still tasted amazing)

  • Thinly sliced apples

Just spread that on some bread of your choice and thank me later!

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